And she says, “Happiness ain’t free
Everybody fights just like me
But I’ve given up the ability to retreat”



And she says, “Happiness ain’t free
Everybody fights just like me
But I’ve given up the ability to retreat”



i wanted to paint something so i painted aradia

speedpaint here

Quiet Reminder

I just got a little handful of new followers (following a stream of art reblogs) and I’d like to remind everyone that this is strictly a personal/reblog blog only! Just general fandom stuff, no art! 

If that’s why you’re here then cool! But if you’re looking for my draws here is my (sfw) blog! It contains most of my older Homestuck stuff (that didn’t make me sick to look at) and my much newer art. 


Hey guys I’m doing some limited cheap commissions to earn some quick cash for a mothers day gift!!! 

I probably won’t be doing many of them so it’s first come first serve. My email and paypal are both stephjacobs92@yahoo.com so please contact me if you’d like to buy something! <33


Colored Sketches: $10.

Lineart: $12 and $15 if you want color.

Colored Headshots: $7.

Extra Characters are $5 each. 

Things I’ll draw: I don’t mind drawing nudity and I also draw lingerie! (Link is slightly nsfw!)

Things I won’t draw: Nothing overly pornographic! Also no mecha or vehicles. If you want me to draw something but aren’t sure if it counts as any of this, just ask me and we might be able to work something out!

PLEASE!!! Don’t hesitate to give me reference or links providing reference. (Especially for OC’s but anything goes. If you have specific outfits or poses in mind, don’t hesitate to link me to reference. Don’t feel like you’re sending me too much, the more specific you are the faster I can get your art done!)

Even if you can’t buy anything I’d appreciate a boost! I’ll edit the post when commissions are closed!

Thank you all very much!

Hey guys I’m doing commissions! Please only contact me at my email, I don’t trust tumblr to get your asks to me.

If you can’t buy anything I’d really appreciate a signal boost! 

Thank you in advance!! <3


Any art including future homestucks (Which I’m finally getting back in to.) will now be posted to aboutasartasfrenchtoast!!!!! 

I took about a half-year off from homestuck and am slowly getting back into it, but any art that I do, unless I particularly like it, will be posted there. Not here.

I still need to get a decent layout for it but all the art I care to have anyone to see is up there right now. At last check I only had about 9 followers over there as opposed to the 300+ over here. I’ll try and reblog this periodically so everyone can see. I’ve also set it up so I can post art from my ROTG blog which I am mainly on these days.

So no more art here, if you stay I assume it’s for my charming personality and shitposting!

EDIT:: Any pressing or general questions should be asked HERE. I’m on my sideblog more than my personal so you’ll have a better chance of reaching me there.


Day 3: Under the Mistletoe - kiss me hard and bite me kindly honey babe

We follow our instinct
Go to the ice rink
Couples with hot drinks
Welcome us like we
Are one of them now (we are one of them now)
Guess it shows

Hahaha what a vanilla picture I really copped out but I also REALLY wanted to paint something and then also ladies happened????

But hey look at all the freaking colors I managed to slap on Pitch, I deserve a medal or something for all that light pyramid shit going on.

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