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Artemis’ spine is twisted, Wonder Woman’s legs are ridiculously messed up, and yet the thing that bugged me first is how Artemis was planning to slash at Wonder Woman when her arms are already at full extension.  

oh my god this is literally the worst one holy shit

the complete lack of hips and massive butts will never NOT look hilaribad, but the combination of 2 instances of it plus organ-less torsos PLUS rubberspine PLUS orb-boobs PLUS the perspective that makes Artemis look like she’s about to just casually topple over just makes this the King Illustration of Terrible Oversexed Anatomy

omg i can’t get over wonder woman’s right leg HOW DO YOU EVEN FUCK THAT UP SO BAD

also waists, jesus dicks

They remind me of that one chick in the parody comic Jhonen drew. Which is bad because the comic was half about EXACTLY THIS KIND OF SHIT.

I’m usually willing to give a little leeway because /skantilycladsuperheros/ but really? Their outfits seemed to be shrinking and taking their torsos with them.