sighs alright everything’s fixed. personal blog links work and my artblog is now showing my stuff at the original sizes thank god


people have been asking, so here it is! this brushset contains the 5 brushes I actually use, which you can download here (click the download button on the right column). they are shockingly basic and three of them are standard photoshop brushes. enjoy! :)

Aug. 27 1:35 pm


i was going to mention that bc for some reason i forgot what your art blog was. ):

yeah i thought if i knocked around in the codes for long enough i could fix it but i don’t think i can. :( or if I can its beyond the fumblings i know how to do, so it’d be easier just to get a new one. it’s not like i’m particularly fond of this theme but i used it because i thought it didn’t have this problem so its a major bummer. >:T 


And she says, “Happiness ain’t free
Everybody fights just like me
But I’ve given up the ability to retreat”



They just want you to dance after all ^^

(My version of Fnaf, after so many requests, because you’re so cool I had to reply and make something ^^)

I’m so bad at this game :x ! 

Il fait peur mais ça peut aller ^^ 




"isn’t it amazing what modders can come up with?? when a community comes together they can create wonderful things that make a game even better!!"


I hate this post because it implies that this mod DOESN’T make the game any better. And that’s untrue



they don’t call em sweet cheeks for nothing


We have strawberry poptarts *hoards* (also I think I’ve sent asks about your theme but *shrug*)

All poptarts are good poptarts. (But only if they’re warm!)

Yeah I’ve never gotten anything about that! I’m pretty sure its eaten a few of my replies too which is just a sucky feeling. :( I think I might disable stylish and see if that helps, I think it might be causing the no notification problems at least. 

You seem tense. Want one of my poptarts? I’m giving them to the stressed-out people on my dash.

Yes I’d love a pop-tart I haven’t had one in ages!

ugh tumblr makes me so anxious about this but guys if you ever send me an ask and i don’t answer it publicly or privately then tumblr ATE IT either on its way to me or on its way out

i usually respond ASAP so if its been a day or two don’t feel bad sending me another one or even just if you have a feeling tumblr hecked it up. it seems especially likely to eat mine since for some reason xkit and stylish don’t mesh well with my ask box and also tend to not notify me when i have new asks.

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